Managed Print Services

Are you tired of dealing with the constant headaches of managing your office's printing and document management? It can drain your time and resources, taking you away from the more important tasks of growing your business. But what if we told you there is a solution that can not only take care of all that for you but also help your business grow?

Managed print services (MPS) are that solution! By outsourcing your printing and document management needs to an MPS provider, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on growing your business. Plus, MPS providers offer a wide range of services that can help streamline your operations and reduce costs. From regular maintenance and repair to supplies management and cost tracking, an MPS provider has got you covered.

Let's see what managed print services are and how DDS Managed Print Services can help you grow your business.

What Are Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a service provided by companies to help businesses manage and optimise their printing needs. It typically includes:

  • Assessing a company's current printing setup and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Providing and maintaining the necessary hardware, such as printers and copiers.
  • Supplying and managing the ink and toner.
  • Offering software solutions to track and control printing activity.
  • Offering troubleshooting and technical support.
  • Providing regular reporting and analysis to help businesses make informed decisions about their printing needs.

Features of DDS Group Customised MPS Plans

In simple terms, MPS is a way for businesses to outsource the management of their printing needs to a third-party provider, which can help them save money, improve efficiency, and reduce their environmental impact. DDS managed services provide all this and much more. What sets them apart is their experience in the industry and excellent customer service. Remember, managed print services are there to make your life easier, so considering these points is essential.

Our customised MPS plans offer you these features:

  • Mobile printing solutions: Integration of mobile printing solutions, such as cloud-based printing, to allow employees to print from their mobile devices.
  • On-site maintenance and repair: Regular maintenance and repair of printers and copiers to ensure they are always in good working condition.
  • Automated supply replenishment: Automated ordering and delivery of ink, toner, and other supplies to ensure they are always on hand when needed.
  • Remote monitoring and management: Use of software to remotely monitor and manage printing activity, including tracking usage and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Environmental sustainability: Implementation of sustainable practices and technologies, such as energy-efficient printers and recycling programs, to reduce the environmental impact of printing.

Benefits of Managed Print Services

Given below are some of the key benefits of partnering with DDS for Managed Print Services:

1. It Cuts Your Printing Costs

Over a straightforward lease, Managed Print Services have lower monthly prices. When you work with DDS, though, you get a lot more value for your money. We offer everything from software to network administration to IT support to printer supply to continual print-network optimisation. You may replace all of your heavy, out-of-date printers and photocopiers with more modern ones for a set monthly charge. We also keep up with regular maintenance and provide only the best machines to cut down your downtime. You can get the detail here about best Canon copiers for small businesses

2. Optimises Your Printing

optimizing printing

DDS evaluates your organisation's print requirements and provides a customised plan that fits 100% of your needs. This enables us to offer print solutions that satisfy the requirements of all your core departments. This also saves money from your end by not paying for services you do not really need. We highlight ineffective solutions and bring them to the forefront. We can also install printers and color copiers as needed, thanks to print assessment.

3. Better Information Security

With the technological advancement in the printers, it is also getting easier for hackers to steal data or find a way into your systems using your printers. This is why having additional software for data protection is essential. Depending on your needs, our Managed Print Services may also comprise servers and printer software. We evaluate your security and offer access control based on your requirements.

This can include anything ranging from a printer queue, individual user accounts, print histories, printer logins, etc. We also monitor and keep your systems up to date.

4. Reduced Environmental Footprint

The usage of high-end printers or copiers when they are not necessary may cause an additional carbon footprint. Upkeep of hardware, if not done right, also causes harm to the environment. This is where MPS saves you. DDS group's experts will understand your company's needs and suggest devices that will be just perfect for you.

Moreover, waste generation and upkeep of hardware can also be improved with the help of DDS Managed Print Services. In order to reduce waste, we focus on education, user access, and print management. We also provide backup facilities so that you will not have to print extra unnecessarily.

5. Increased Agility

DDS will assist you in meeting your printing demands without increasing investment by providing you with printing equipment and software on an as-needed basis. We also offer fast maintenance and repair services on a regular basis. Consequently, you may resume your work with the least amount of downtime.

6. Increased Device Uptime

DDS makes every effort to make the most of your print environment in order to prolong the life of your print fleet. Additionally, we offer to swap backup printers at your site in case a critical piece of equipment were to go down at the worst possible time.

7. Know You're Covered

DDS Managed Print Services covers you entirely so that you do not think about questions such as:

  • Will components be offered for that model? How long will they be offered?
  • How much will it cost to get that printer fixed when it malfunctions?
  • Will the toner's quality always be the same?

Managed Print Services Sydney

8. Increases team productivity

You may cut down on the amount of time spent waiting for all of your printing requirements by using DDS Managed Print Services. We keep an eye on your printing systems and make sure they are up to date to avoid any issues from coming up. We also manage the burdens like handling technical issues, replacing cartridges, etc. This way, your team does not have to invest either time or energy into worrying about the printing systems.

9. Frees Up Cash Flow

You might want to consider a managed print strategy if you do not want to shell out a fortune for a brand-new fleet of color printers and photocopiers. Without making a sizable upfront expenditure, DDS Managed Print Services handles your print requirements from A-Z while keeping costs low. Your money is not locked in when we pay for supplies. This guarantees that your cash flow will not be interrupted.

10. Choosing a Managed Print Services Provider for Value and Service

Choosing a supplier necessitates considering more factors than simply your print budget, even though the potential cost reductions are sufficient to pique your interest in managed print services. Give preference to DDS Managed Print Services, which is only a phone call away and can provide the best services at the earliest.

How Can Managed Print Service Help Your Business?

Managed Print Services assists you in optimising your infrastructure through consultation, implementation, and administration. Our MPS services are intended to decrease expenses, boost employee productivity, and lessen the strain on IT resources.

Things To Consider Before Selecting The Best Managed Print Provider

Here are a few things to consider when selecting the best MPS provider for your business:

1.  Timely upgrades

Printing hardware becomes less efficient and productive as it ages. This raises the expense of production because you will have to fix them to keep them working regularly. Furthermore, spare parts for older models remain scarce. The best MPS provider regularly reviews your printing equipment and replaces them when necessary.

2.  Weekly reports and statistics

Printing may be an expensive endeavour. Outsourcing an MPS supplier who provides your organisation with weekly reports and insights can help you save money. We recommend investing in high-quality equipment and software that can track performance accurately.

3. MPS meets your requirements

An MPS contract might range from one month to several years. Because the pricing remains constant during the contract, your MPS may be unable to meet increased printing demand as your company expands.

Your MPS supplier should offer a report that shows if you are falling short or exceeding your contractual volume. If there is a significant gap, you must examine and revise your contract.

MPS meets

4. Timely assistance

Timely assistance and support are crucial. A good MPS will offer solutions and collaborate with respective departments. With better communication, your company will know when to order fresh supplies and resupply if there is a scarcity.

5. Personalised services

Printing requirements differ from one firm to the next. As a result, it is critical to select the best MPS provider who offers customizations.

This includes tailoring their rates and services to your business strategy. Printing equipment may cost hundreds of dollars, so it is important for your MSP to recommend what is ideal for you.

Typically, you want an MPS supplier who will not only offer printing solutions for you but will also strive to revolutionise your organisation through cloud technology.

Interested in switching out your old printers and copiers and leasing new machines instead? Give us a call today and let us help you!

Brands We Cover

Here are some of the brands covered by DDS Managed Printing Services.


DDS stocks the latest Sharp printers and copiers in the inventory. Depending on your print and copy requirements, we offer many photocopiers with print speeds ranging from 24 ppm to 120 ppm in colour and black and white.


Our Canon multifunction printers and photocopiers are packed with the latest features allowing you to take up tasks and complete them efficiently. Depending on the model you select, you can print A3 and A4 images in both B&W and colour, with print speeds ranging from 24 ppm to 120 ppm.


Our MPS gives you the best with Epson copiers and printers. We believe in consistency while constantly upgrading with the latest hardware and firmware. With dedicated support and technicians, you can have peace of mind while you grow your business.


Improve your organisation’s print service solutions by taking the best course of action today. DDS Managed Print Services has you covered with the highest quality printers, office copiers and consumables. Call us today, and let us customise our services for you.