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Colour photocopiers and printers are an essential component of any business that requires quality prints and copies. While such machines are commonplace, finding fast and reliable models can be complex. At DDS our range of colour multifunction printers and photocopiers are known for their dependability, speed, and next-generation features. Our top brand copiers and printers can ensure that your business’ printing and copying needs are met with outstanding and cost-effective efficiency.

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  1. BP-30C25 Sharp Photocopier
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    BP-30C25 Sharp Photocopier
    A3/A4 25 ppm Colour Multifunction Printer Get the job done with this smartly designed full-colour A3 MFD. The BP30C25...
  2. BP-60C31 Sharp Photocopier
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    BP-60C31 Sharp Photocopier
    The BP60C31 Advanced Series takes organisations to the future of business communication by helping them work simply...
  3. BP20C20 / BP20C25 Photocopier
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    BP20C20 / BP20C25 Photocopier
    Get the job done with this smartly designed full-colour A3 MFD. The BP20C20/25 has a clean and compact 560 mm-wide...
  4. MX-7090N / MX-8090N
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    MX-7090N / MX-8090N
    The MX-7090/8090N is built for fast, high-volume printing in large-scale settings. Whether at a large company,...
  5. MX2651 Photocopier
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    MX2651 Photocopier
    The MX2651 Colour MFD turns your place of work into a smart office. Quick and easy to operate, it packs convenient...
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Which brand of colour printer or copier is best for business?

No two businesses are exactly the same, so this will always boil down to your specific needs. If you get in touch with our team, they can recommend something that’s catered to your particular requirements.

What is the difference between inkjet and laser colour printers?

Inkjet printers spray liquid ink onto paper, whereas laser printers use toner and heat to fuse ink onto paper.

What's better - inkjet or laser?

This very much depends on your specific requirements. Laser printers are generally faster and more cost-effective, making them preferential for businesses with high-volume printing demands. Inkjets have better tonal variety and colour accuracy, have lower upfront costs, and typically take up less space in the office.

How do I choose the right type of colour copier for small-scale business?

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider volume, speed, durability, and budget. You may also want something compact and affordable, such as Canon Copier - Canon imageRUNNER 1643iF

What are the common features to look for in a colour printer or copier?

Besides dependability, you may wish to factor in print speed, high quality resolution, duplex printing, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, paper capacity, high yield ink, and automatic document feeders (ADF).

How do I maintain and clean my colour printer or copier to ensure optimal performance and longevity?

Always adhere to the instruction manual carefully, clean the printer heads regularly, and keep the printer free of dust/dirt. Keep in mind that DDS can provide maintenance and service support should you require it.

Which all-in-one colour printer is best?

At DDS we offer a variety of all-in-one colour printers that cater to a range of different budget and printing requirements. You can check out the DDS Group’s products and services here, or chat with one of our friendly staff here.

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