Our Core Values

We’ve worked hard over 20+ years to build a strong culture based around these 3 values.


We are committed to building relationships based on honesty, transparency, and trust.


We will reach what we set out to achieve, and keep communications open and clear at all times.


We are professional and positive, always ready to learn and improve.

We strive to see every DDS staff member happy to come to work that day, and every client satisfied in their experiences with us. By building strong and lasting relationships with our clients, our staff and our suppliers- we can ensure a positive work environment and growth for all involved.

History of Digital Document Solutions


The year DDS was founded


Managed print devices


Valued team members

We’re committed to providing you great prices, without sacrificing service.
Your success is our priority, our after sales support ensures your satisfaction.
Our team of industry experts ensure you get the right fit for your needs.
We’re passionate about making your day-to-day business functions easy.