Business Phone and Internet Solutions

DDS UniTel brings you super-fast and reliable Sky-Speed Internet, phone and cloud-based solutions.

Don’t let Internet or communication issues affect your business performance and customer satisfaction. DDS UniTel, powered by Spirit, provides Voice and Data solutions to ensure your business can work, connect and communicate anytime, anywhere without any disruption.

Designed to support your growth

Services we offer

Live PBX

Enhance your phone system by improving your communication options as well as security.

Voicemail to email
Use your desk number from anywhere
See when people are available and where
24/7 Australian Based Support Team
Enterprise Grade Communication & Security

Hosted Phone System

Integrated Softphone

Mobile Integration

Automated Attendant

Call Recording

Unified Communication

Voice Mail to Email

Hot Desking

Microsoft Teams Conferencing

Call Accounting

24/7 Support

Contact Centre

On Hold Messaging

On Hold Messaging

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

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Pick your Plan

Step 2

Pick your support package

Step 3

Pick your device (handset and/or softphone)

Step 4

Pick any other options
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Spirit Sky Internet

More than ever, businesses need a fast and reliable Internet connection to stay ahead. Spirit Sky is our advanced, super-fast, fixed wireless Internet service designed especially for Australian businesses. With it, you get 24/7 reliability, symmetrical bandwidth and unlimited data!

Spirit Sky also works perfectly with our Unified Communications Solution, which means we can help with your phone and cloud needs too. Keep your communications smart, efficient and cost-effective, even when working remotely.

Seriously fast speed
Symmetrical Bandwidth
Quick Install
Interprise Grade SLAS
Why Choose Spirit Sky?

Australia’s fastest-rated Internet

Unlimited data

Enterprise-grade symmetrical bandwidth

12, 24 and 36 month terms available

Plans from 50Mbps up to 1Gbps and beyond

Installation within 30 business days

Low latency

Local technical support

4G Internet Backup

Most Australian businesses rely on the Internet to run, and when Internet outages happen, everything stops.

With Spirit’s 4G Internet Backup, you won’t need to worry about interrupted connection anymore.

If your primary Internet connection goes down, our 4G backup - using tried and tested 4G technology - immediately kicks in to keep you connected with little to no noticeable disruption. Have peace of mind, reduce downtime and remain productive with our backup internet connection.

No Data Caps
Keep your IP address
Automatic Failover
Professional Installation
Why Choose Spirit Sky?
Bandwidth profile
No Data Cap
Automatic Failover
No Data Cap
Outdoor Installation Available
IP address Preservation
Spirit 4g backup
10 Mbps
Typical 4g backup
10 Mbps

Need more?

Besides LivePBX, Spirit Sky Internet and 4G Internet Backup, DDS UniTel offers a host of other voice and data solutions to keep your business up and running, including:

  • Managed Wi-Fi
  • Regional Internet
  • IT Security (Cyber Security, Managed Firewall, Home Device Security)
  • Unified Communications

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