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Reduce your printing costs and improve your business productivity with our industry leading managed print services.

When it comes to Managed Print Solutions, there are many different options available. Our Account Managers specialise in tailoring to your specific requirements, and will custom design an agreement that is best suited for your business. Our managed print agreement includes equipment financing, ongoing onsite services and consumables all on one single monthly invoice, to help you keep track of the exact cost of your business printing.

What is Managed print services?

Printing is a necessary expense, but it is easy to overlook your printing habits and usage while managing everything else in your business.

And if not managed properly, your company’s printing solutions can negatively affect your organisation’s effectiveness, operation costs and team efficiency. This is where managed print services come in.

Managed print services, or print management, are offered by print providers like DDS to help you maximise productivity and reduce costs. Through our print management service, we will help you manage all aspects of your business printing, including the printing devices, consumables, routine maintenance and other repairs as needed.

With a dedicated print plan in place, you can reduce your print operation costs by as much as 28%, as well as enjoy better control, accountability, and significant time savings. This frees you up to focus on the other more important business operations and tasks.

Industry Leading Managed print service in Melbourne

Benefits of DDS Managed Print Service

Consolidate & reduce print costs

Consolidate & reduce print costs

With our managed print services, you will not need to purchase or upgrade to new equipment all the time. Our monthly invoice includes all costs for maintenance and repairs, replacement of cartridges and other consumables, allowing you to better track your printing habits.

Finance office equipment

Finance office equipment

Signing up for a managed print service means you do not need to come up with the upfront cost of purchasing a brand new printing equipment. The financing of your device will be included in your monthly fee along with the other consumables and service costs, allowing you to better plan and manage your cash flow.

Maximise machine uptime & productivity

Maximise machine uptime & productivity

As part of our managed print services, we perform regular and preventative maintenance to keep your equipment in good working order. Should your device break down, our local team will be there quickly to fix the issue, minimising your machine downtime.

Automate consumable reordering

Automate consumable reordering

It is a pain when the paper or ink runs out right in the middle of a big printing job. Our managed print services offer real time monitoring and automated reordering of consumables, so you will always be well equipped.

Modernise document workflow

Modernise document workflow

Our managed print service allows you to upgrade your equipment to stay ahead with the latest technology and machines. Enjoy smart features, intuitive interfaces and enhanced data security to improve your document workflows.

Photocopier & Printers Brands


Sharp is known to push the limits of technology systems, with a focus on cutting edge usability and high quality standard machinery.


Canon photocopiers and printers are extremely user-friendly, versatile and packed with features, enabling businesses to complete tasks easily and efficiently.


Thanks to their outstanding quality and efficiency, businesses and offices have come to rely on the consistency of Epson photocopiers and printers.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, OKI printers offer reliable performance and superb print quality at a cost-effective price.

Still in contract with another provider?

Don’t fret! We may be able to payout your current contract when you enter into a managed print service agreement with DDS, so you can get the high level of service you deserve.

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