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Office Multifunction Printers & Copiers

At DDS we offer a variety of office multifunction printers and copiers that cater to a broad range of business needs, no matter how big or small your company might be. At the heart of any modern office, these versatile machines are built to boost workplace productivity by reliably and consistently providing high quality printing, copying, faxing and scanning.

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  1. BP-30C25 Sharp Photocopier
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    BP-30C25 Sharp Photocopier
    A3/A4 25 ppm Colour Multifunction Printer Get the job done with this smartly designed full-colour A3 MFD. The BP30C25...
  2. BP-60C31 Sharp Photocopier
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    BP-60C31 Sharp Photocopier
    The BP60C31 Advanced Series takes organisations to the future of business communication by helping them work simply...
  3. BP20C20 / BP20C25 Photocopier
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    BP20C20 / BP20C25 Photocopier
    Get the job done with this smartly designed full-colour A3 MFD. The BP20C20/25 has a clean and compact 560 mm-wide...
  4. Canon imageCLASS X ICX1871P
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    Canon imageCLASS X ICX1871P
    Compact and stylish, the imageCLASS X 1871P black & white printer takes up minimal desktop space and looks great in any...
  5. Canon imageRUNNER IR1643iFII
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    Canon imageRUNNER IR1643iFII
    The imageRUNNER 1643iF II black & white multi-function copier empowers all users to efficiently manage tasks with ease...
  6. Canon imageRUNNER IR1643P
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    Canon imageRUNNER IR1643P
    The cost-efficient Canon imageRUNNER 1643P Black & white Multi-function is great for small businesses and corporate...
  7. MX-7090N / MX-8090N
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    MX-7090N / MX-8090N
    The MX-7090/8090N is built for fast, high-volume printing in large-scale settings. Whether at a large company,...
  8. MX2651 Photocopier
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    MX2651 Photocopier
    The MX2651 Colour MFD turns your place of work into a smart office. Quick and easy to operate, it packs convenient...
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Which brand of office printer is the best for business?

The best office printer for one business may not be the best one for another, as it really all comes down to the individual needs and practices of the company. However, it’s always wise to factor in your budget, your business requirements, your office space, and what features will help enhance your productivity. At DDS we offer a range of quality printers to choose from, including Canon Copiers, Sharp Copiers, Epson Copiers, and HP Printers.

Which is the most reliable multifunction printer?

This is another very subjective answer, as it very much depends on your business requirements, but a multifunction printer should (at the bare minimum) be able to efficiently handle printing, scanning, copying, and faxing. You may also want a model with automatic document feeders and high-yield ink cartridges.

What are the main types of printers used in offices?

Broadly speaking, the main types of printers used in officers are variations of inkjet printers and laser printers. Multifunction laser printers are typically better for high volume printing, so have become commonplace in larger offices. Multifunction inkjet printers are typically slower but often have superior colour quality, so are most often used in small offices and homes.

What are the most important factors to consider when choosing an office printer or copier?

The most important factors to consider when choosing an office printer or copier include durability, speed, resolution, the machine’s paper capacity, whether or not it can handle duplex printing, how well it connects to the Wi-Fi, and of course, your budget. It’s dimension may also be of relevance, should your office have limited space.

How do I troubleshoot common issues with my office printer or copier?

At DDS we offer servicing and maintenance options to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your print equipment.

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