The DDS Giving Program

At DDS Group, we're known for more than just our top-of-the-line photocopiers. We take immense pride in our DDS Giving Program, an initiative that's making a real difference in the community by tackling issues of waste and hunger with every copier we sell.

This program is in partnership with SecondBite, Australia's foremost food rescue organization. SecondBite plays a vital role in feeding the needy at no cost, helping to build a stronger, more caring community.

The DDS Giving Program isn't just about feeding people; it's about bringing stability and well-being to individuals and families, making a substantial impact in the fight against hunger and food wastage.

Foodbank Hunger Report 2023

The 2023 Foodbank Hunger Report reveals a stark rise in food insecurity in Australia, impacting 3.7 million households or 36%, an increase from the previous year. This crisis spans across diverse demographics, with a notable rise among first-time experiencing households, many of which are young, employed, or middle to high-income earners. Key factors driving this surge include the cost-of-living crisis, with food and housing costs overwhelming many. Despite the growing need, fewer people are seeking help due to unawareness or stigma. The report underscores the urgent need for enhanced support and awareness to address this escalating issue.

foodbank hunger

DDS Giving Program's Role

DDS partnership with SecondBite is aimed at providing meals for those in in our local communities which are impacted with food insecurity. DDS provides pasta and cash donations to SecondBite every month which to date to has accumulated to over 70 tonnes which has helped create over 600,000 for those living with food security within our local communities. Our medium term goal is to support SecondBite to a level where we can satisfy their total pasta requirements.


The DDS Giving Program is central to our vision of a sustainable, empathetic society. By addressing hunger and food waste, we show how corporate responsibility can lead to positive change. With each copier purchase, like a Canon or Sharp Copier, DDS Group donates 260 meals, directly contributing to the wellbeing of vulnerable Australians. Your participation not only helps combat hunger but also strengthens our community.

To join us in this meaningful journey, visit the DDS Giving Program website. Explore our range of copiers, A3 printers, inks, toners, document scanners, and interactive displays on the DDS homepage. For direct inquiries, contact us at (03) 8552 3444, email, or visit the DDS Contact Us Page. Your support is greatly appreciated, and as a token of gratitude, we offer a Certificate of Appreciation for your involvement.