Key Factors to Consider While Buying a Photocopier

Running a business requires a lot of equipment; a photocopier being just one of them. A reliable photocopier, like other office equipment, can be beneficial in the long run. It can save a lot of time and effort by helping you create good quality copies, print fresh marketing material, and also scan the documents at a faster rate.

All these factors make getting a good photocopier one of the best investments for any business. However, choosing the ideal photocopier is not as simple as it sounds. When there are multiple requirements at a customer’s end, choosing the right copier becomes a daunting task. This becomes even tougher if there are many options to choose from. Hence, you need to be careful while making your final pick.

As you are investing a significant amount of money in a copier, ensure that it pays off in the long run. Check all the features that you need with an emphasis on those that offer long-term warranties, service agreements etc. It can be overwhelming to remember all this, so we have designed this guide for you. Read ahead to know more!

Things To Consider When Buying A New Copier

A photocopier is one of the most crucial investments for providing managed print services or even photocopier lease. Therefore, you need to keep some points in mind while buying one:

Upgrading Options
A regular printer may not be an ideal choice for your business. As your business needs may evolve with time, choosing a printer with the upgrade options may become necessary. Some of the features you should look for are:

  • Encryption features for security (Canon imageRUNNER 1643P is a great choice)
  • Access control to allow only authorized persons to use it (MX-B350W Sharp Photocopier)
  • Larger output trays for handling more papers of varying sizes (MX-B355W Sharp Photocopier)
  • Network connectivity for wireless printing (MX-B350W Sharp Photocopier and Canon imageRUNNER 1643P)

Paper Handling
The next critical consideration is Paper Handling. When purchasing a Canon Copier, you should check its paper-handling features. Some advanced copiers can print on papers of various sizes like A3, A4, etc. Apart from that, they can also handle double-sided printing and automatic feeding of paper. You can even scan faster with certain printers. Consider the lCanon imageRUNNER 1643iF for these reasons.

Multifunction Capabilities
Multifunction Capabilities

To streamline your business productivity, ensure that you invest in a copier with multiple functionalities. Look for an all-in-one photocopier that has all features like copying, scanning, and printing.

Other features to look for include:

Hard disk: Sharp Copier, like MX-C304W Sharp Photocopier, has an in-built hard drive for storing and managing documents.

Wireless Connectivity: Look for wireless connectivity for remote printing using smartphones and laptops.

Security: Check if the copier has network security authentication features. It will prevent data fraud.

Copiers like MX-C304W Sharp Photocopier and Canon imageRUNNER 1643iF are ideal in this regard.

Colour Printing
Black and White copiers

Black and White copiers are good for making copies of text documents. However, if you want to make an impressive client presentation, a color copier is best for you. A color printer can also help you create stunning marketing material like pamphlets, circulars, etc.

One thing that may concern you is the price. The price of a color printer is more than that of the B&W version. However, the price hike can be neutralized in the long run as it will save you the money you might have spent on outsourcing printing jobs. So, analyze your budget and try to purchase the color printer.

Print Volume
If you have a large-scale business like an advertisement firm, it is imperative to look for the print volume of the copier. Large paper trays and printing ability per minute are classified under print volume and can easily help you choose the ideal copier.

Pages per minute capacity of most of the copiers is between 20-50. It can be more, depending on your choice. Also, look for large paper trays as they can help you handle large batches of printed papers easily. Finally, carefully analyze your office needs while choosing a photocopier for managed print services Melbourne.

Equipment Integration
If you have any other equipment in your office, such as a common desktop to give commands to the copier, ensure that your Photocopier lease Melbourne can be easily integrated with it. For this, check if the copier can be connected to it through a wire or wirelessly.

Moreover, also look for add-on features like WiFi connectivity for enhanced functionality. Quick installation of copiers ensures less disruption of office tasks. Epson WF-M5799 is a great choice keeping in mind these requirements.

Mobile Printing
With technological advancements, all devices have become feature-rich, including photocopiers. Today, most of the photocopiers come with mobile connectivity via WiFi. It means that you can remove the desktop from the process and print documents directly from your phone. This can significantly increase overall productivity. Look for this feature in a copier. Both Canon imageRUNNER 1643P and MX-B350W Sharp Photocopier come with this awesome feature.

After-Sales Support Services
The constant use of a photocopier may affect its functioning after some time. As modern-day machinery has several small parts, this may cost you a lot more to get it repaired in case of a mechanical failure.

Hence, while buying a photocopier, it is necessary for you to check if the manufacturer offers a warranty on the product or a service agreement. In case of a malfunction, a service agreement can save you a lot of money required for repairs.

Outdated devices or software in your office can also affect the productivity or workflow of your business. Therefore, it is necessary for you to analyze both before buying a photocopier. You can get your devices surveyed by the manufacturer so that you do not face compatibility issues later. If not done, you may have to invest way more in updating all your other devices later to make them compatible.

Most of the devices today are designed keeping energy efficiency in mind. As your photocopier will be in use almost all the time in the office, you need to ensure that it has the required star rating. Itwill save you more on power bills in the long run. Also, check if the photocopier stays cool while it is in use.

Bet you would like to get a printer with all the above features? Well, anyone would! However, you also need to balance your requirements against your budget. If you have a small office, you may not even need some of the features like access control. Hence, it is better to opt for a printer that is perfect for your needs rather than opt for one with all the bells and whistles.

Also, the cost of the printer apart, do consider extra overheads which can quickly add up. Costs like toners, repair cost, cartridges etc.

Managed Print Services in Melbourne

Managed Print Services in Melbourne

Managing a business is tough at any time, more so during these stressful times. Why add to this stress with ancillary responsibilities like managing printing. Let us take on the responsibility of the printing part of your business.

We are DDS group- a trailblazing managed print services company that eliminates the hassle of taking care of your organization’s printing process. We provide a multitude of services from the sale of photocopiers, leasing printers and photocopiers to providing after-sales services.

As your business needs can vary, we have designed flexible packages to choose from. Our professional managers are always ready to closely analyze your business needs and cater to them with the required solutions.

Our range of services includes managed print services, document automation, printer and photocopier lease, etc. We can help you with the following:

  • Attain maximum machine uptime and enhanced productivity
  • Automated reordering of consumables
  • Achieve maximum productivity at lower print cost 
  • Finance the office equipment
  • Reduce the overall print cost with less environmental impact

Our photocopier services include the provision of state-of-the-art copiers from the most reputed brands such as:

  • Sharp Copier
  • Canon Copier
  • Epson Copier
  • OKI Copier

To wrap up, it is safe to say that photocopiers are an integral part of any business as they reduce overall printing costs while keeping up the productivity. So choose wisely and make sure you compare different brands, models and printing services. 

If you are looking for a managed print services which offers you great printer and copier brands, prompt service and competitive pricing, get in touch with DDS group for the perfect printing solution.