Most businesses, whether start-ups or established, face a crucial decision when it comes to getting the office photocopier. The question being, does it make more sense to purchase a copier or simply lease one? A good photocopier has always been an essential and integral part of running a business. Even in this digital and paperless age, the importance of hard copies for printing or copying has not come down. Let’s look at the various advantages and disadvantages of buying a copier vs photocopier leasing one from a company like DDS Group.


What Are The Advantages Of Buying A Copier?

No monthly lease payments, you can depreciate it or write it off.

Disadvantages Of Buying A Copier

Some of the reasons associated with buying a copier also work against it. You have to shell out a large amount of capital which could be better used within your business to generate income. For most businesses, that would mean keeping aside a large amount of valuable working capital. Also don’t forget, copiers depreciate over time and reselling a 2nd hand copier is much more difficult. Add to that the budget you need to set aside for repairs and maintaining the copier- everything eats into your operating costs.

Should You Lease An Office Copier?

A lease plan from DDS Group lets you access the best photocopiers in the market at a nominal price. You get access to world-class brands like Sharp Copiers, Canon Copiers and Epson among others. You can rely upon a team of motivated and trained customer support personnel to keep your copier functioning smoothly. Best of all, if you lease a copier, you can keep changing the equipment to suit your growing needs or to avail of the latest technology in the market. Not to mention, it frees up your capital which can be used in other areas of your business. Leasing an office copier is thus a more viable solution.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Leasing A Copier?

Traditional leasing plans can be inflexible and rigid which may lock you into an agreements which outlast the useful serviceable life of the equipment. When negotiating with a managed print or photocopier services company, be careful about any restrictions on usage or an inability exit the plan. If you are looking at the long-term picture, a managed print plan can be significantly more cost-effective, even though it generally will save you up to 60% of your current costs. When it comes to leasing an office copier, ensure you deal with a company which will offer flexible plans which suit your needs. At the DDS Group, we have partnered with several finance companies to create individualized and unique plans which can be tailored to suit every individual business. No two businesses are the same so why should you be locked into a one size fits all plan?

Leasing A Copier vs Buying A Copier- Conclusions

Ultimately, all businesses need to take a cold, calculating decision based on these four variables: Cost, Convenience, Servicing & Maintenance, Upgrading to Latest Technology. If you weigh up all these factors, it’s clear that leasing an office photocopier makes more sense than buying one. The former offers you greater control over your time, operating costs, access to trained resources and best of all, lets you focus on your core business; not get side-tracked in managing the office equipment.

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