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Client Reviews

Meracare Aged Care Carrum Downs
Deb McPherson
Meracare Aged Care Carrum Downs

David was a great help in planning the resources ideal for our business. The delivery and install went smoothly and we were up and running in no time. Happily recommend DDS to any business requiring new printers/copiers or a managed print solution.

Waterman Business Centres
Martin Reidy
Operations Manager
Waterman Business Centres

DDS was recommended by one of our IT consultants 2 years ago. Waterman is the premier shared office space provider in Melbourne with 3 huge sites and over 2,000 clients. This created significant complexity in managing the printing, scanning and reporting for our clients. Their understanding and support of PaperCut Software has greatly improved our offering. Our previous provider simply could not provide the level of service we required – nor did they have the expertise. I have now worked closely with the DDS technical team for two years including two large installations. Without hesitation I recommend them. Their service culture is outstanding and they are a pleasure to deal with.

Ontrak Marketing
Joe Davitt
Managing Director
Ontrak Marketing Intl Pty Ltd

Firstly the new printer is sensational.

Thanks to Jeff and Wally for installing it and taking the time to explain all the features it has. You are lucky to have them both as they are genuinely good people and they know there products.

The team, at DDS are sensational and the service has always been first class. Nothing is ever too hard for Jeff and or Wally to assist us with.

We would not use any other company other than DDS to assist us in our printing requirements as we have run our business for over 20 years. I do not know of a better company that helps our printing needs better than DDS.

If anyone is needing a confirmation on how good your team is please feel free to give them my mobile number.

Jocambro Cabinets
Dante & the Team
Jocambro Cabinets

Thanks to Chris and his team of a Refurbished Sharp Digital Multifunction Colour Copier from DDS Group. It has made our work place better now and have better finish printed paper for the boy's to read.

Any drama's Chris and his team are out to fix the problem straight away.

Wellington Secondary College
Eugene Stefyn
Director of ICT Infastructure
Wellington Secondary College

Thank-you are the words which come to mind when I think of the two new Sharp MXM 1100 photocopiers which we purchased from Digital Document Solutions. Since their installation we have been extremely impressed with their performance and reliability. Productivity has increased immeasurably, the time we spend waiting for print and copy jobs has been reduced significantly. Our newsletters and reports are of a much higher quality compared with previous copiers. I have no hesitation in recommending Digital Document Solutions and their Sharp range of machines to anyone.

Barry Plant Real Estate
Carolyn Jensen
Assistant to Director
Barry Plant Real Estate

Thanks to Chris and his team of a Refurbished Sharp Digital Multifunction Colour Copier from DDS Group. It has made our work place better now and have better finish printed paper for the boy’s to read. Our new copiers are faster, easy to use and much better quality (noticeably better in color and sharpness). We are very happy to recommend their service also as they assisted with installation and set up on each workstation to facilitate access.

Geelong Marble House
Denise Dowie
Office Administrator
Geelong Marble House

The purchase of a Refurbished Sharp Digital Multifunction Colour Copier from DDS Group has enhanced the efficiency and professional outlook of our office. Chris Armstrong – Document Specialist – has provided professional, friendly and informative sales advice from our first query, through the sales process, overseeing the installation of the copier and providing follow up contact. The DDS installation technician was informative, quick and efficient. Purchased for an incredible package deal, the Sharp pre-loved, refurbished copier is a much need improvement for our company.

Neami National
Matt Pearse
Service Manager
Neami National

Just emailing to say a massive THANKS! For helping us get this new digital display. We've had it for a couple of months now and it’s exactly what we needed. Our workshops have never been more interactive! We can show young people videa clips, pictures, play music and presentations ...and the white board feature is amazing... you just wanna write on that board! At the end of the day this tech is engaging young people with mental health issues and helping them to learn the skills they’ll need to get back into the community! David, I have really appreciated your support on this, helping to get us the right tech at the right price! Will definitely be recommending you to colleagues! From one happy customer!

Her Majestys Theatre
Nigel Hordern
Operations Manager
Her Majesty's Theatre

Her Majesty's Theatre (HMT) is one of Melbourne's prestige heritage theatres, home to live theatre for over 125 years. Digitising important and precious archives of Melbourne's rich and lively theatre history is also an important activity at HMT. Recently, we proudly unveiled an enlarged photo portrait of one of Australia's important Variety Performers from the 1930's in our foyers. Several important guests stood around admiring this portrait, remarking on the quality, sharpness of image. Even the donor of the original photo couldn't believe that it was from the original as that was much smaller, but this was huge and crystal clear! For those that asked, they were surprised to learn that we scanned it on our "photocopier" from DDS SHARP. While some questioned whether we "touched the image up" after scanning, another stated how difficult it would have been to have arrived at the same definition using an old technology developing enlarger. In any case, we at Her Majesty's Theatre are extremely thrilled with the outcome, to have this kind of capacity "in-house" helps us record important Melbourne theatrical history, and put it on display for all of us to remember it. Of course it is comforting to know that our multitasking machine can also do humble jobs like photocopy etc. Thanks to DDS and staff whose highly personalised service took time to understand our needs as a Theatre, and devise a list of various devises that suit our needs together with the most competitive price and service standards. DDS SHARP's passion to provide quality equipment with is well matched to our passion to provide Melbourne's premium live theatre.

Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia
Frank Carter
Director Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia

I wish to express our warm appreciation for your company's generous support to our organisation through the donation of a suitable photocopier. As a not for profit self-help organisation our limited funds have to go a long way in the provision of community services locally and contributions to the welfare of others internationally through our ongoing fundraising for two orphanages in India and Bangladesh. We had been prolonging the use of our old photocopier until even the toner for that machine was no longer available, so it was most welcome to have received such timely and practical support from your company.

Australian Christian Churches Victoria
Richard F. Warner and B.Min M. Th.
Senior Minister and President
Australian Christian Churches Victoria

Just a few lines to say Thank You for your excellent service recently in introducing us to the new Sharp Photocopier Model MX4141. This is the second machine we have purchased from you and both times, not only has the machine been excellent, but your pre-service and after-service have been up to standard. Like most work places, the photocopier is an essential piece of equipment and can almost stop the company when out of order. We are thankful that this has not happened thanks to you delivering what you have promised! We look forward to a good continued working relationship in the future.

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