The Software does the work for you.

Scanning Software capabilities range from simplistic to complex, custom programmed to automatically sort and store as per your requirements. Designed for Ease of Use.

Scan Software Solutions Stop wasting time with filing.
Go for an automated document workflow!

Your solution can be designed as simple or complex as necessary, with automated procedures set in place to minimise the amount of information the user must insert when scanning documents, in some cases down to zero, where the software can recognise your scanned pages and sort into pre-programmed designated folders straight from your supplied scanning hardware.

Step 1

Scan your Mixed Documents

Step 2

Software auto converts Docs to files you can search and/or edit

Step 3

Software auto stores files in the appropriate network folders

1. DDS Consultation

Your DDS Account Manager meets with you to learn of your required document flow. Here you will provide sample documents and an idea of the structure you'd require the scanning to automate into.

2. Solution Proposal

You'll be presented with information, pricing and a custom tailored demonstration (by our DDS Service Manager) to show exactly how your document workflow will run.

3. Software Installation

Once approved, DDS Service Engineers will come onsite to install your scanning hardware requirements, as well as introduce your staff to the scanning software with onsite training.

4. Post Installation

If you are in need of additional software programming or term extension, your Account Manager can arrange this. Otherwise, upon term completion, we will return onsite to collect the hardware.

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