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Infinity Paper

Print as much as you want and not worry about the cost per print.


Infinity Flat RateInfinity Flat Rate Plan

Traditional Cost-per-page Service Program & lease plan


Infinity Flat RateAll inclusive unlimited printing

Pay per printPay per print.


TickPredictable billing for your office copiers & printers

Unpredictable billingUnpredictable billing


TickOne invoice that includes: equipment, parts, labour, smart software, document management solutions, toner and IT support

Multiple invoiceMultiple invoice billings for individual usage, support & service

Billing for excess copies

No extra billing No extra billing for excess copies

Excess cost appliesExcess cost applies (excess cost can increase 10% - 30% every year)


Fixed cost Fixed cost (can save up to 20% of printing cost)

Receive an overageReceive an overage invoice if exceed allotted amount of prints

Overage rate

Unlimited printing Unlimited printing (colour & black)

Extra costExtra cost of inks and papers


The flexibility for unlimited printing The flexibility for unlimited printing, support & services

Extra cost of inks and papersExtra cost of inks and papers



This is the "Customer Centric" program for the copier industry.

Icon All Inclusive Program

All-inclusive program

Icon Predictable Billing

Predictable billing for office copiers & printers

Icon One Invoice

One invoice that includes: equipment, parts, labour, & toner

Icon No Overage

No overages because you printed more

Icon Program

Program never increases in costs

Icon Unlimited Printing

Unlimited printing (color & black)

Icon More Flexibility

More flexibility upgrading during the program

Icon Flat Rate

Flat rate program will save your company around 20% for the term of the contract when compared to other programs.



“Obligation free” 1 week trial

Your machine is delivered, installed and training provided for your team. After 1 week, we ask for your permission to process the paperwork. If you are not 100% satisfied, you can ask us to pick up our machine and there is no cost to you.


Reliable Machine Performance

You will never be stuck with a machine that is not performing as it should. If during the agreement your machine becomes ‘unreliable’, we will swap it with another of equal or greater features.


$100 “Machine Down” Guarantee

If your primary machine is unable to print due to a maintenance issue DDS will attend within 4 business hours (our aim is to arrive in 2!). If we arrive after 4 hours DDS will donate $100 to your chosen charity. Immediately!

The Infinity flat rate plan from DDS Group is the perfect solution for businesses that want predictable, all-inclusive billing for their office copiers and printers. With one simple invoice that includes equipment, parts, labor, and toner, you'll never have to worry about overages or increases in costs. And because you can upgrade your equipment during the term of the contract, you'll always have the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips. Best of all, our flat rate program will save your company around 20% for the term of the contract when compared to other programs. So why wait?

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