Digital Signage

Give your business the cutting edge, stand out and capture the attention of viewers and project a professional and modern image with our Digital Signage Solutions.
We offer your business professional digital signage solutions that are fit to your specific needs, we have digital screens that can withstand 24/7 display, every day of the year as well as more casual use screens to fit half day applications. In addition to a huge range of panels, we also provide the software to keep your image running smoothly.

Minimise perceived wait times with dynamic content for your audience

Your display can show video, images, websites, live weather reports, news, television & more, all on one screen.

Take advantage of high foot traffic areas

Indoor and outdoor weatherproof signage is available to capture new and guide existing audience.

These screens are eye catching & professional with anendless application.

Utilise adaptive menus

Never run out of space or opportunity to update, upsell and expand your product and service menus.

Your digital sign and content management allow you the freedom to offer and capture more.

Our all in one solutions include:

Digital Screens

The right size, orientation and application for your business, indoor and outdoor signs available


Media players, screens, mounts, everything required to set you up


Professional Installation, mounting, wiring and configuration


The right media software for your desired output, video and image display as standard, we also have applications to do extensive display such as Websites, TV and split screens, etc


No upfront payment required

Why businesses use professional display panels Vs. Consumer screens

SharpConsumer Screen
Warranty Commercially rated with 3 year warranty When consumer displays are used commercially, the warranty normally reverts to 90 days
Image Burn Features extensive anti image burn and image retention features Standard features that cannot withstand image burn on static images
Security Public environment security features to block remote control from the public No control blocking, many apps would allow people to change the display from their smartphone
Mounting VESA compliant mounting connections Most consumer products are not VESA compliant
Orientation Landscape and protrait modes available, + more Typically only landscape available
Operating Hours Built to withstand very long operating hours - even up to 24/7 Designed for limited use, not 16 hours+ per day

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