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Award winning brands of printers and copiers

DDS GroupAward winning brands

Sharp is known to push the limits of technology systems, with a focus on cutting edge usability and high quality standard machinery.

DDS GroupAward winning brands

Canon photocopiers and printers are extremely user-friendly, versatile and packed with features, enabling businesses to complete tasks easily and efficiently.

DDS GroupAward winning brands

Thanks to their outstanding quality and efficiency, businesses and offices have come to rely on the consistency of Epson photocopiers and printers.

DDS GroupAward winning brands

Explore the powerful potential of our range of products to serve your business needs and improve productivity, efficiency and agility. They all benefit from Kyocera’s robust and innovative technology.


Why you should work with us

Why you should work with us

We’re committed to optimising your experience throughout our engagement.

Why you should work with us

Your goals and needs are our number one focus.

Why you should work with us

Our Australia wide service network ensures you’re always supported by print specialists.

Why you should work with us

We believe that big and small businesses deserve innovative technology.


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Printing solutions we offer

Managed Print Services vs. standard Rental

Managed Print Services

With Managed Print Services, you will only receive one single monthly invoice that covers the leasing as well as maintenance agreement of the machine (including a specified amount of prints each month). DDS also offers priority service for our print management clients.

Managed Print Services also helps you manage costs, privacy, security, maintenance, supplies and document tracking. In other words, with Managed Print Services, you can outsource every aspect of your printing needs, ideal for businesses with a high print demand.

Standard Photocopier Rental

In the Standard Printer Lease Agreement, you pay a monthly fee to the finance company for the lease of your photocopier or printer. You then pay the hardware provider (in this case, DDS) a cost per copy for the maintenance agreement, which includes all the toner, parts and basic onsite service. You will receive two invoices per month, and the agreement is generally 60 months.

Standard Printer Lease Plans will be ideal for companies that already have an existing IT division or team that can handle all print service and maintenance tasks.

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